Upcoming Podcast Interview: Charles Pettee and FolkPsalms

charles pettee

I am excited to share about the next podcast interview with Charles Pettee, a bluegrass, folk, and Americana musician, who also has put together the “Folk Psalms” project, In Folk Psalms the Biblical psalms are re-cast in the style of bluegrass music and the language of average working people.  These songs are not only delightful to listen to but also rooted in deep theological reflection on the connection between the Psalms, the land, and the struggle of ordinary people and those on the fringes.

Tonight we plan to sit down at table together, break bread with a meal inspired by the Psalms, and talk about music, the message of the Psalms, and possibly hear some live tunes from Charles.

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Opportunity to Support Welcome toward LGBT folks in the Latino/Latinx Community

hildegard-of-bingen-welcome-all-with-graceI don’t know how many of my readers are in open and affirming (ONA) or ONA-adjacent communities, but I wanted to pass on this opportunity to support LGBT-affirming ministries to Latinx folks and immigrants.  You will recall that supporting LGBT folks and providing welcome or sanctuary to immigrants is a huge part of what I feel called to lift up as our Christian responsibility at this time.
In that vein, I want to share a request from David Mateo.
david mateoPastor David  is very active in supporting immigrant, Latinx, and LGBTQ communities here in NC and also in south and Central America.  In a couple of weeks I will have an interview with him on my podcast, Progressive Redneck Preacher, about this work and also about his book JESUS DEPORTED which highlights the way the Gospel can look envisioned from the perspective of undocumented immigrants.    He also told me in my interview with him he’d be happy to talk to churches, community groups, about working with Latinx folks, undocumented immigrants, LGBTQ community, and also the specific work with the LGBTQ community in Honduras he asks about in the letter below.
For those supporting these type of ministries, thanks for reading and sharing information on his ministry!

jesus deported

“Imagine being gay, lesbian, bi, or trans* in a country where an average of 20 LGBTQ people are murdered every year, with far more being assaulted, beaten, jailed, and raped simply for who they are and who they love.  This is the reality faced by LGBTQ people throughout the country of Honduras.  But despite the risks they face, LGBTQ Hondurans still have the courage to organize and to advocate for themselves and their community.  We want to help them.

By making a donation to this campaign, you will be helping a delegation of allies from the United Church of Chapel Hill travel to Honduras from July 28th to August 5th, 2017, where we will meet with representatives from a variety of Honduran LGBTQ advocacy organizations to learn about their struggles; to provide hope, support, and solidarity; and to work to develop a plan for on-going coalition-building.
We believe that it is not enough to express solidarity for our LGBTQ brothers/sisters/siblings from afar, but that we must express our support by meeting them face to face, bearing witness to their stories and their struggles, and doing whatever we can to promote their cause and advocate for their rights.
Your support will help with the Installation of new toilet (2) and hand wash (2), painting office’s interiors of two (2) organizations, painting of HIV-testing clinic, donation of 20 chairs, donation of a stove, donation of surgical sets with sutures, trainings-workshops and other community activities.
jesus-refugeeWe need your help to make this trip a reality. Please go to the link below to donate today.   
Your donations are tax-deductible and can be sent to: 

1321 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Chapel Hill, NC 27514


Or by credit card, go to: www.unitedchurch.org, > Online Giving > HONDURAS MISSION TRIP 2017

For images of other trips, please visit: 

https://iuchapelhill. wordpress.com/misiones?iframe= true&theme_preview=true

For more information, please contact Rev. David Mateo at 919-200-1320, dmateo@unitedchurch.org



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Upcoming Podcast: Faith Beyond Gender

IMG_4904I want to announce my last podcast interview.

Last night  I had a great time hanging out with Kyle Greyson Kentopp, a young United Church of Christ minister in Raleigh working toward ordination who is also an advocate for the transgender community.   We had alot of laughs celebrating his end of college, and his amazing ministry, while also recording a great program for an upcoming kyle kentoppProgressive Redneck Preacher podcast. In our interview we talked HB 2 and HB 2.0, God beyond gender, transgender and queer experiences, and queering the church. Also split a great NY beer gifted me by a good friend involved in our ministry of welcome to LGBT people at my home church and a wonderful Don’t Be Mean to People saison from Ponysaurus Brewing. To justice, y’all!

It will take awhile til this interview is edited and posts.  To watch for it, follow us on our podcast, on iTunesTwitterfacebook, and here on our blog.

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Upcoming Podcast: Jesus Deported.

david mateo

Excited about having completed an impromptu new interview for Progressive Redneck Preacher podcast. Kyle had to re-schedule so we interviewed Rev. David Mateo, pastor of Spanish language ministries of United Church of Chapel Hill, organizing the innovative La Mesa y Cafe service, author of JESUS DEPORTED, and organizer of an annual United Church of Christ mission to support LGBT communities in Honduras.

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jesus deported

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Cajun and southern stories of social justice

Had a great time recording our next podcast with Rev. Dr. Rollin Russell last night — eating cajun and talking about New Orleans, hearing stories of resistance and reconciliation by faith heroes here in the southland from the Congregationalist tradition within which my United Church of Christ rests, and also hearing the wisdom Rollin’s decades of progressive ministry could provide. Then Rollin and his lovely wife Betsy welcomed me and my significant other to after dinner conversation over sparkling water on their porch. Porch-sitting in the evening air… a great way to end a night of celebrating southern folk of faith!

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(Feel free to suggest other folks you think about with important stories to share about progressive faith and activism here in the south-land, y’all!)

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