When Love Hurts: Domestic Violence and Our Response


In February, many of us have love on our minds, especially in the days leading up to and following Valentine’s Day.   Yet sadly love can sometimes go horribly wrong.  In our podcast this month, we explore how love can go so wrong with Rev. Angela Roberson of the Congregational United Church of Christ in High Point, NC. In her interview, sh challenges us all to confront head on the specter of domestic violence, and gives practical advice about how to respond to those caught up in abusive relationships and situations in ways that are healing and liberating.


Sanctuary, Hospitality, and the Politics of the Gospel: Upcoming Podcast

I’m excited to have just finished an interview with Derek Jones of the Triangle Sanctuary Task Force about his work organizing churches and community groups to support people who are immigrants and facing discrimination and deportation.

During our talk tonight we enjoyed some Turkish lentil salad inspired by The Last Train to Istanbul, which tells the story of Turkish people who helped hide Jews from the NAZI government in World War II and we explored both the necessary politics of the Gospel claims and how these translate to our relationships with our immigrant neighbors.

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Your Progressive Redneck Preacher,