Song of the South: God is the Working Man

I thought this is an appropriate song, to celebrate working men (and women) this labor day.



[Verse 1]
I need a whole new set of problems
Said the preacher to the thief
I’ve seen nothing here but miracles
And it’s shaking my belief
And if everything’s a miracle
The saints are just a mob
And the man who works the wonders
Is just trying to do his job

[Chorus 1]
Hail to the working man, my son
Up there trying to get it done
When every horse needs water and every weed needs sun
Hail to the working man, my friend
He won’t clock out til the end
When every saint and sinner’s race is run

[Verse 2]
My grandpa was a preacher
The Pentecostal kind
And they take the Lord so seriously
You’d think they’d lost their minds
They pray out loud, speak in tongues
Some might take up snakes
But my grandpa was a working man
And he never took a break


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