A Prayer to Christ Our Mother


I continue to remember the life of my mother and all mothers, in celebrating the Sacred feminine.   Some months ago a read shared the prayer of St. Julian of Norwich, the mystic who celebrated that through God’s love, all shall be well.  I share this prayer as our mother’s day devotional/reflection on Scripture.   I think resting in the knowledge of ourselves as embraced and loved by God not only as Father but also Mother of all living not only is important in grieving the loss of a mother, but also in this time where we are so shaken by fearful prospects each day in the news.  Christ carries you.  Christ holds you up.  Christ will lead you forward in mother love.

To help us enter into this prayer, I share Meg Barnhouse’s beautiful musical reflection on the vision of Sister Julian:

Blessings your progressive redneck preacher,



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Prayer to Christ our Mother

Taken from http://www.oremus.org/liturgy/ccp/canticle.cgi?64

hildegard-encirlced-by-loveRefrain: God is the light and the grace,*

which is all blessèd love.

1 Jesus is our true mother,*

the protector of the love which knows no end.

2 We have our being from Jesus,*

where the foundation of motherhood begins.

3 God revealed that in all things,*

as truly as God is our father

so truly God is our mother.

4 God is the power and goodness of fatherhood;*

God is the wisdom and loving kindness of motherhood.


5 God is the Trinity and God is the Unity;*

God is all our life:

nature, mercy and grace.

This icon of the Trinity draws on the feminine images used in Scripture for the Holy Spirit, as a reminder that women as well as men can bear the image of God.

6 God is the one who makes us to love,*

and the endless fulfilling of all true desires;

7 For where the soul is highest and noblest,*

then it is humble and lowly.

8 God desired Christ to be our mother,

our brother and our Saviour,*

for God knows us now

and loved us before time began.

9 In nature, Jesus is our true mother

by our first creation,*

and in grace by taking our created nature.


10 All the love of offering and sacrifice

of belovèd motherhood,*

are in Christ our Belovèd.

11 For in Jesus we have this godly will,*

both in nature and in grace.

Glory . . .

God is the light and the grace,*

which is all blessèd love.


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