A Week in the Word: A Prayer to Christ Our Mother

One of our readers, Al Armstrong, shared  an appropriate prayer to be our week in the Word together this week.  It is a prayer of St. Julian of Norwich, the mystic who celebrated that through God’s love, all shall be well.  I share this prayer as our mother’s day devotional/reflection on Scripture.  It ties so well into Kyle’s writings on God beyond gender which I have been sharing as a reflection on his podcast interview.

To help us enter into this prayer, I share Meg Barnhouse’s beautiful musical reflection on the vision of Sister Julian:

Blessings your progressive redneck preacher,



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Prayer to Christ our Mother

Taken from http://www.oremus.org/liturgy/ccp/canticle.cgi?64

hildegard-encirlced-by-loveRefrain: God is the light and the grace,*

which is all blessèd love.

1 Jesus is our true mother,*

the protector of the love which knows no end.

2 We have our being from Jesus,*

where the foundation of motherhood begins.

3 God revealed that in all things,*

as truly as God is our father

so truly God is our mother.

4 God is the power and goodness of fatherhood;*

God is the wisdom and loving kindness of motherhood.


5 God is the Trinity and God is the Unity;*

God is all our life:

nature, mercy and grace.

This icon of the Trinity draws on the feminine images used in Scripture for the Holy Spirit, as a reminder that women as well as men can bear the image of God.

6 God is the one who makes us to love,*

and the endless fulfilling of all true desires;

7 For where the soul is highest and noblest,*

then it is humble and lowly.

8 God desired Christ to be our mother,

our brother and our Saviour,*

for God knows us now

and loved us before time began.

9 In nature, Jesus is our true mother

by our first creation,*

and in grace by taking our created nature.


10 All the love of offering and sacrifice

of belovèd motherhood,*

are in Christ our Belovèd.

11 For in Jesus we have this godly will,*

both in nature and in grace.

Glory . . .

God is the light and the grace,*

which is all blessèd love.


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