Upcoming Podcast: Faith Beyond Gender

IMG_4904I want to announce my last podcast interview.

Last night  I had a great time hanging out with Kyle Greyson Kentopp, a young United Church of Christ minister in Raleigh working toward ordination who is also an advocate for the transgender community.   We had alot of laughs celebrating his end of college, and his amazing ministry, while also recording a great program for an upcoming kyle kentoppProgressive Redneck Preacher podcast. In our interview we talked HB 2 and HB 2.0, God beyond gender, transgender and queer experiences, and queering the church. Also split a great NY beer gifted me by a good friend involved in our ministry of welcome to LGBT people at my home church and a wonderful Don’t Be Mean to People saison from Ponysaurus Brewing. To justice, y’all!

It will take awhile til this interview is edited and posts.  To watch for it, follow us on our podcast, on iTunesTwitterfacebook, and here on our blog.

Your progressive redneck preacher,



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