Encountering the Risen Christ in the Other

jesus resurrection appearance 1David Henson, one of our readers, shared the following with me, which I think is an appropriate reflection on some of the meaning of resurrection and new life we are called to meditate on this Easter-tide:

“For those keeping score this Eastertide:
The Resurrected Lord has appeared as a lowly cemetery gardener. (Easter Day)
As a person eternally wounded by the the violence of the empire. (Second Sunday of Easter)
And as a sojourner — a foreigner and stranger — traveling on the road. (Third Sunday of Easter)
If your understanding of the resurrection does not compel you to see Christ in the poor and overlooked workers of the world, in the victims of state violence, and in the sojourning foreigners and travelers, then it is simply not biblical.
You cannot proclaim Christ resurrected and marginalize the poor.
You cannot proclaim Christ resurrected and embrace violent nationalism and militarism.
You cannot proclaim Christ resurrected and oppress the foreigner, stranger, and sojourner.

jesus resurrection appearance 10

We have been sent forth by Jesus as He was sent by the Father.

Because that is how the resurrected Christ chose to reveal himself to his disciples — in a poor worker, in a victim of human violence, in a stranger on the road.
And the disciples rarely recognize him at first glance — or even second glance. To these disciples, Christ was absent to them, despite being right in front of their eyes.
As his disciples now, we should take note and wonder at how often our resurrected Lord appears to us and we simply don’t notice. How often do we just keep walking down the Emmaus Road, holding nothing but our fractured hopes? How often do we stay in garden, holding nothing but our grief and tears? How often do we see the wounds of Christ but simply think, “what a shame” instead of exclaiming “My Lord and my God” and beginning to believe that Christ really is present if only we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear?
How often? For me, probably most of the time. I pray God to open my ears and my eyes and my heart. God knows I need to see, to hear, and to have my heart strangely warmed by those I least expect.”

That’s a good word.  Thanks Dave.

What good word do you have about the resurrection life breaking out in our life and world through the Easter miracle not just in Easter-tide but every day?

Your progressive redneck preacher,




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