Song of the Season — Lord of the Dance

It is easy with Easter Sunday behind us, to think of Easter as over, but the season of Easter lasts 40 days in the Christian tradition — from the Sunday of Easter to Ascension Day.

The reason this is the case is that it is a reminder that what we believe in when we say “I believe in the resurrection of the dead” is not that a man some thousands of years ago had his body resuscitated or just that we have life after death in the next world, but instead we believe in the deep reality of resurrection.  That the presence of God makes life break out in the midst of death, liberation in the midst of oppression, wholeness in the midst of brokenness, community and reconciliation in the midst of alienation and estrangement.

It is a reminder that Jesus continues to walk beside us, lead us, trouble us throughout our life in the presence of the cosmic Christ that fills all things with Christ’s presence.   And so the ongoing presence and work of Christ continues in our individual lives and in our world if we are open to Christ’s presence.  If we are so open, resurrection means we are to be ongoing presences of Christ in the world by continuing to participate through the resurrection power God’s presence in our lives makes possible in the same pattern of life Jesus lived.  When we do that, Jesus lives in us.

For me Sydney Carter’s beautiful song “Lord of the Dance” pictures this.

Let its words call you to embrace that resurrection life present with, in, under, around, and through you each day.

Your progressive redneck preacher,



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