A Week in the Word: Lent as Facing Grief and Vulnerabilities as Pregnant with Life

Each week I want to share a different progressive voice of faith here in the South-land, or the voice of one who speaks to an issue facing us in the south-land.

With our focus on the gift of vulnerability, I thought it was appropriate the following short message from Rev. Jenny Shultz-Thomas, who is not only pastor of Community United Church of Christ in Raleigh, NC, but also a devoted wife and mother, a leader and role model in the LGBTQ community of the Triangle, and a leader in the Southern Conference of the United Church of Christ.   If you find yourself looking for a friendly, welcoming, southern church committed to progressive values in Raleigh, I would encourage you to add Rev. Shultz-Thomas and Community United Church of Christ.


For more information on this church, or for further messages from Rev. Shultz-Thomas, check out Community UCC’s website: http://www.communityucc.org/

Your progressive redneck preacher,



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