Song of the South: Grandmother’s Song

I wrote this after hiking the woods recently, a thing which helps me connect with the earth, grounding me emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

What practices help ground you, and what images of the Sacred help you?



Grandmother’s Song

flowering dogwood

There is a feeling with each footfall

of the weight of my world

of tears and heartache, war and sorrow,

death and disease

the call to reach down deep into the shadows of my soul

that splintered place my own hurts

touch the crack at the heart of the world

that causes my every cell to throb

aching with the surrounding aches about me

every movement quivering to the cosmic string

which, moved by some gentle unseen hand

calls forth a chord

that says “reach out, touch, heal”.



Some days the weight is so heavy, my shoulders slump

like I have read a diver would do at the ocean depth

near flattened beneath weights of water beyond imagining

Other days my heart feels it will burst

As one flung unprepared to the frozen void of space

Until I lay it aside:

The day with its worries,

My many shining screens,

Their buzzing call to help, to answer, to be what other’s need



Instead I step out, surrounded by embracing arms

Of maple, oak, and ash, which seem to lift up the world

The black void of night held up by their steady grip

Breathing in and out, the shadows wrap me round

Like our aunt’s blanket which cradled us all

As momma rocked on granny’s chair

Long before our knowing


lady wisdom 4

So in the gentle whispering lullaby

Blown between the rustling leaves

Accompanied by owl’s call and bat choruses

echoing off distant bell towers

I feel myself rocked

Held close to some ancient breast

My soul set to rest

By wisdom and love

Ancient as the hills.



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