Week in the Work: Justice and the Delight of God

In this moving sermon by Rev. Carla Gregg-Kearns of Good Shepherd United Church of Christ in Cary, NC, Gregg-Kearns  explores the ways both God delights in us as well as the role of justice in our lives of faith.

In upbeat, concise words Rev. Gregg-Kearns calls us to the heart of our faith as progressive Christians.  I hope her message helps you find footing in a topsy turvy time for many of us.

Also, just a shout out about this ministry.  Good Shepherd is a very welcoming church, not just in theology but in warmly embracing all visitors, right in the heart of the Triangle.  It has lively worship and heartfelt preaching that connects every week.  If you are looking for a good place to worship in the Triangle in North Carolina, I would consider checking out Good Shepherd.

Also, I like to highlight different southern voices that are progressive people of faith in the Week in the Word. If you can suggest some good communities of faith, speakers, or messages to highlight, let me know.

Your progressive redneck preacher,



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