Framed Radiance

On the theme of embracing the goodness in each moment, I am reminded of a poem I wrote related to an experience witnessing the day’s simple beauty on one of my morning predawn hikes up the Duke Forest trail, which I wrote last month and call “Framed Radiance”.

I hope it blesses you!



Framed Radiance

tree-moonAs my breath floats before me in clouds

Leaves sparkling with morning frost crunching beneath my boot

I am struck by the sight

Of a radiant orb suspended in the remaining darkness

Framed like works of arts,

Like my mother’s paintings which hang upon all my walls,

By branches of elm, oak, and pine

At points outstretched arms embracing the fast-falling light

At times tangling paths, intertwining here and there in the thick cloak of darkness,

At times shooting out their own way there

Illumined by this crystalline light


I look down at the winding path I am on, remembering

My many winding ways

And I too for a moment feel framed, embraced

By an un-named brightness


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