Songs for Southern Activists

Yet again today friends of mine are standing in Raleigh, risking jail, to speak up against oppression by the NC legislature.   I want to share a few songs to celebrate what they are doing, speaking up against injustice.

Today, I am conflicted about the vote about repealing HB2, a law which removes protections for queer people generally and transgender citizens specifically.  Though I support the repeal, the deal behind it — laying aside the equal rights laws protecting queer people in Charlotte in order to have it pass – seems to lay queer lives on the altar of political expendiency.  We need as a state to figure out how to build bridges across the divide that still says “queer friends, neighbors, and family here in the Old North State, your lives matter to us”.  We aren’t there and it breaks my heart.

That said, I am touched by the many who stand up.  Let’s not let this be the end, folks.  Let’s make sure repeal happens and fight for statewide laws protecting fair treatment of queer and transgender people under the new Cooper administration.


Your progressive redneck preacher,



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