Golden Thread Prayer

multi colored thread

Let me introduce you to a prayer I invite you to consider using as a way of centering yourself as a response to the reflection I shared yesterday.  This prayer is one introduced to me by my friend and United Church of Christ clergy colleague, Rev. Suzanne Lamport, with whom I used to lead a Bible study.

This “Golden Thread Prayer” is both an invitation for God’s presence and a calling to heighten your own awareness  about the golden thread I shared yesterday runs through all of life.

When Rev. Lamport would lead this prayer in the groups in which I took part, she would encourage people to act it out as a body prayer: tracing a thread over the length of one’s body from one hand, one arm, one shoulder, to the other; acting out the tossing aside of what was not needful; opening hands and arms to the good.  Whether you do a full body prayer with this or not, I encourage you to try this prayer as a way of centering, meditating, and opening to the goodness God makes possible for you in this and every moment.


gold threadGolden Thread Prayer

There’s a golden thread running through my life,

that holds all that is needful for my life.

I take my fears, and I throw them away!

I take all the unhelpful ways of seeing, and I lay them down.

I call upon the Divine, I pray for clarity,

for full freedom of expression,

for compassion and loving kindness.

Not my will but Thy will be done.



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