A Story of Facing into our Questions and Uncertainties

Religion News Service shares some about the life of Henri Nouwen, a queer man who struggled with depression, while living as a renowned spiritual counselor and Catholic priest.  They share in this article, http://religionnews.com/2016/10/04/henri-nouwens-intimate-letters-shed-light-on-his-theology-of-the-heart/, insights from his gathered letters.

I wanted to share a link to his story because I feel the ways in which he faced head-on into his doubts, questions, and uncertainties ties into the lesson I get from Exodus 3 about our own.   Ultimately, Nouwen’s facing head on all of these often overlooked “shadow sides” to who he was are what allowed him to come to develop the compassion and empathy which colored his counseling work, his writing, and the healing work he did in the world.

It is a beautiful reminder that we need not fear our pain, our so-called shortcomings, or the parts of ourselves we do not think as beautiful.  As we embrace and lean into them, they can also become sources of beauty.

your progressive redneck preacher,



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