A Week in the Word: The Kingdom is a Revolution

I want to share with you as our Week in the Word, a glimpse of a worship service I visit when I can, La Mesa.  La Mesa is an intentionally multiracial, multiethnic, multicultural worship service that is bilingual.  The service is each Sunday at 11:15 AM in the Assembly Hall of United Church of Chapel Hill.  For address and directions to United Church, check out unitedchurch.org
I was explaining the service to a friend recently, and explained that for me this is one time during the week I get to hear the stories of people very different than me.  The pastor, Rev. David Mateo, has organized the service so members share their stories.   So I, a very educated middle class cisgender white male, hear the stories of neighbors who are Latino or Hispanic, some illegal immigrants, some struggling to get by, and some queer.   Each week I can attend at La Mesa I am invited to recognize that the community includes those across barriers and boundaries very different than my own.

I want to focus in on this ministry because, as I said in my recent “Southernisms” post, “This Here is Why We Can’t Keep Nice Things, Y’all” a a part of the struggle in our society right now is how easily we all fall into our comfortable bubble when the way forward is to intentionally enter and be a part of spaces in which you connect with others different than you.

For me, worshipping with La Mesa is just such a regular practice.

I am excited to allow you to join just a snippet of my La Mesa experience:


(for some reason, the embed feature is not working.  However, if you click on the link the video should play)

How do you get outside of your comfort zone and enter into spaces in which you learn to experience those very different than you in terms of privilege, race, culture, language, ability, status, or sexuality as a part of you?  I would love to hear your story!

Your progressive redneck preacher,




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