Song of the South: Servant Song

As I reflect on the call to be a witness to that of Christ in others, I am struck by the poignancy of a hymn I heared a short time ago at Peace Covenant, a Church of the Brethren church here in Durham, NC.   This song celebrated their regular tradition of “love feast”, in which holy communion is celebrated as part of a large family style meal, together with feet-washing that is a reminder of Jesus’ call at the Last Supper for each of us to be servants to others.  My one experience of this beautiful ritual of the Anabaptist tradition in Christianity beautifully reminded me of what I have been writing about here, the sacred worth of each person as a bearer of the Christ presence and the possibility of all to show the light of Christ for all can be a servant to others.

I hope this song blesses you, and I hope to hear from you traditions in your faith or spiritual background that call you to more fully experience and acknowledge that of Christ in others around you.


Your progressive redneck preacher,



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