Week in the World: Little Girl, Rise

For this week’s Week in the Word, I want to share a piece of poetry done by Rev. Bec Cranford of Gateway Center, a ministry supporting people experiencing homelessness in the greater Atlanta area.   Bec, like me, is deeply shaped by southern culture with roots in the charismatic movement, but has moved toward progressive ministry out of the experience of a heart for the dispossessed.

Her words here powerfully call young women and all people, really, to experience their strength.  To me these are important in light of the misogyny and rape culture permeated our society, even our election.

Thanks for your powerful words, Bec!

Your progressive redneck preacher,



Dear Little Girl,
Confetti-GirlBe a radical sassy educated woman.
Find yourself becoming a cantankerous suffragette lady.
Be snarky and full of compassion.
Dress how you want. Be not conformed.
Be bold.
Become the Wise Sage and Abolitionist.
Stand up, lift your head, and boldly proclaim God’s demands of Justice in the earth.
Dear Little Girl,
Be a prophet,
A priest,
A Peacemaker
Dear Little Girl,
Never tame your heart in order to try and seduce a man or woman who doesn’t deserve your love.
SojournerTruth-e1416933637125Dear Little Girl,
You are the ESET-HAYIL, woman of military strength and valor.
The first evangelists were women.
Now this generation needs you to spread good news.
Dear little girl,
Society doesn’t own you.
It can not break you.
Dear Little Girl,
You are made in the very image of God.
You are powerful.
The fire of the Holy Spirit dwells within you.
You are a healer.
Dear Little Girl,
Dear Little Girl,
Dear Little Girl,


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