A grace that guides our days

This morning I took a long walk on a creek trail with me, listening to bird song, enjoying the cuddling of my big furry monster of a dog beside me, watching mist rise in the sunrise over water between green leafed trees.

In such moments I am reminded of a grace that ever surrounds us, in which we walk all our days, and which in moments carries us as a leaf upon the river streams.  Recently I was reading the works of Methchild of Magdeburg.  She writes of God’s lovingkindness and grace as being like a water in which we are surrounded and swim, like an air moving all about us wherever we go, like light shining about us showing our days, and heat that both painfully and pleasantly makes us whole.

Such walks in the woods, during times of meditation, remind me that even in moments when the love of others and my own attempts at meditation and self-care cannot penetrate my pain or disorientation, I am ever surrounded by a lovingkindness, a goodness, that is present in each moment.  For me this is the all-embracing care of the Trinity — Creator, Christ, and Holy Spirit.   Realizing this gives me grace and strength to know I can get though

As I worked on paperwork with my job, I heard the following song which, in its own way, reflects this, and I share it with you this morning.


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