Song of the South: (repost) Dandelion’s Lament

A poem I wrote inspired by autumn.

Hope it blesses you,




Dandelion’s Lament

Upon a spiders web you hang
Only a breath away from falling

So the prophet-seer said.

And so I am
Caught in winds
Winds of what was
And what may be
Open, vulnerable
To all that lays below and around

spider web 2

Be they the prophets’ consuming flames
Or jagged rocks with knife like edge
Or surging waves swallowing my soul
Into unceasing storm

Or upon freshly greening soil
A shedding of all the certainties
Which I wrap around myself
To warm my trembling form
Like so many tattered rags
The death of all my expectations
And identities
So this seed may fall away
And I spring up
Greenly leafing
Into possibilities undreamed.



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