Some words on life after death

stairway to heaven

I wrote this for a friend, but am sharing it here for general consumption.   Seems truthful, and maybe helpful to some of my friends & readers facing grief.  “Those we love, who love us in their earthly lives, leave an indelible mark on who we are. Even though not physically present, we find them in every way our lives continue to be shaped by their example, love, lessons, values. There is no shaking them. I believe in another world, a life after this life. But even if that were not true, there is a kind of life after death, for they truly live on as we embrace the gifts their lives have given ours and find ways to “pay forward” those gifts into other’s lives. In such a way they are resurrected in this life, or reincarnated into the lives of others. That’s at least what I have come to through the loss of my late wife Katharine Leigh, and several dear friends over the last two years. Know our hearts go out to you, and may you experience the ongoing presence of this dear one in your life, in whatever way gives meaning to you, knowing that in you and all whose lives he touch he lives on, in addition to whatever ways they do or do not continue in a next world.”

For those who, like me, have faced griefs in your life this year, in what ways have you experienced the ongoing, continued presence of those who have passed in your lives?  This progressive redneck preacher would love to hear you story.



With a Tree of Life painting, a symbol of the promise of life beyond from Genesis 2-3, also in Proverbs of the Wisdom God promises to guide our days, so often passed onto us through those who’ve gone before us.




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