Songs of the Cosmic Christ: Prayer to Christ

Jesus Redeemer of All CreationYesterday I shared one of the prayers of Teilhard de Chardin to the cosmic Christ, and wanted to continue to share another today.

Your progressive redneck preacher,


Glorious Christ,
the divine influence that is active in the depths of matter
and the dazzling centres where the fibres of the manifold meet:
power as implacable as the world and power as warm as life,
you whose forehead is of the whiteness of snow, whose eyes are of fire,
and whose feet are brighter than molten gold, you whose hands imprison the stars;
you are the first and the last, the living and the dead and the risen again;
it is to you to whom our being cries out a desire as vast as the universe:
“In truth you are our Lord and our God”


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