Song of the South: Hymn 35

I recently heard this great song by Joe Pug, which to me resonates with our sense of discovering Christ as present in all o flife.   God is more than any name but present in so many parts of life.  What are ways and places you experience God showing up in your life?  What names and images for God help make this real to you?

Your progressive redneck preacher,


Hymn 35

I am the day
I am the dawn
I am the darkness coming on

I am once
I am twice
I am the whole
I’m just a slice

Some call me gone
Some call me here
None’re wrong
None’re near

I am right now
I am back then
I will return
Don’t ask me when

I am the disappointed kiss
I am the unexpected harvest
I am the old Kentucky home
I am… the son who runs the farthest

I have done wrong
I will do wrong
There’s nothing wrong with doing wrong

I am faith
I am belief
Except for when I’m not
I am the teeth of champions
I am the rust of water rot

And I am sleep
I am breathing
I’m the missing of the passing season

I am the brush
I am the strokes
I’m sickness come to the best of folks

I am renewed
I am just made
I am unchanging
I’m a pasture fenced about the edge
I’m  Dakota thunder raging

And by my shoes and by my feet and by my soul and wonder
I am the tracks we laid above
I am the tunnel running under



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