Richard Rohr and the Cosmic Christ

richar rohrIn a recent talk on the podcast “The Liturgists”, Father Richard Rohr shared his thoughts about the Cosmic Christ.    Rohr suggests that our emphasis on Jesus as personal Savior without emphasizing Him as Cosmic Christ, reconciler of all creation, can lead us to accept Jesus without accepting Christ.  He suggests this may be how we can have a society full of so many who say they have accepted Jesus but are unmoved on the ecological crisis, on issues of social injustice, and even about their own inner brokenness.  This point is an important one to explore in American Christendom in general and particularly here in the south-land, in which coming to accept Jesus is a constant challenge we are invited to, yet often by people whose Christianity leaves room for ignoring the oppressed, marginalizing women, propping up systems that put down the poor and minorities, and propping up homophobia.   To accept Jesus requires also embracing Him as cosmic Christ, who invites us to be those who work toward the liberation of all people, the full flourishing of all creation, the reconciliation of all creatures & types of people, and our own inner wholeness.

I invite you to consider Rohr’s words by checking out the podcast here:


Your progressive redneck preacher,



One thought on “Richard Rohr and the Cosmic Christ

  1. Pixie Wildflower says:

    I love RR’s take on things.

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