Song of the South: Song of Blood and Bones

One of the powerful things each year at Wild Goose is the rich and moving music by such talented artists.  Hearing these singers reminded me of a poem I wrote last year while listening to a bluegrass band, about the power of music to connect us with place, with history, and with the goodness at the heart of life.

I hope it blesses you,

Your progressive redneck preacher,


Song of Blood and Bones

bluegrass-mandolinThe sound of mandolin, fiddle, and banjo
rises around me
like the white-capped roar of mountain rapids
setting my soul at ease,
the song of a summer shower upon a tin roof,
the cry of my ancestors,
the feel of Carolina clay red upon my fingers,
the greening smell of rolling hills and farms,
the quiet creak of rocking chair,
the taste of sweet tea and moonshine from Mason Jars,
that sets my heart as free as wild horses on Outer Banks shores
my feet dancing in rhythm with waves on Ocracoke beach.


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