Song of the South: (repost) A Poem For Wild Goose

Green leaves stretch out like wings
Flapping with the cool confidence
Of serenity born in each person’s breast
Who gathered beside these rushing waters
Thick with foam in which they wash away
Their own self loathing, shame, & heartache
Like a gosling newly hatched
Breaking free from its shell
They lay aside other’s expectations
Other’s images of the good and holy,
That prison falling away in so many pieces
While they become at home in their own soul
Alive finally not in the unattainable bodies Hollywood says they need
But those The Creator gifted them as their home
Beautifully diverse

Those wings flap
Stretching out with a faith
Not grounded in abstract doctrines
But rather a confidence grounded
In the green ness of the earth,
The coolness of the enfolding shade
And the all embracing Spirit
Who breathes in them all
Blowing over them as refreshing wind
A faith found in accepting all of God’s creation
A faith expressed in compassion not in creed
A faith content only when put into actions that set free

And as one these many stretch
One wild goose of many feathers
Rising on the wings of justice
Bathed in the fallen rain
Of new beginnings
Ready to soar.


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