Song of the South: All Will Be Well


Thinking about the call to remember it is not all about us, reminds me of the stunning vision of medieval Christian mystic Julian of Norwich.  Praying for a better understanding of God, she has a vision of Jesus appearing before her like a loving mother who nourishes us from his own body through communion just as a mother nourishes children from her breast as they are infants.  During this vision she sees all of the world like a tiny chestnut, fragile and vulnerable, held in Jesus’s hand.  Jesus tells her not to worry about her fears and vulnerability for herself or the world for “all shall be well, all manner of thing be well”.  Jesus goes onto explain that God makes all that is, sustains and holds all that is, for God loves all that is and what God loves will never be truly lost.

meg barnhouse

Rev. Meg Barnhouse, the progressive southern preacher who pastors First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin, penned a stirring rendition of this story in her song “All Will Be Well”, below.  May this song of the south inspire you to remember, in the face of the world’s suffering and your own, that it is not all up to you.  Rather you, others, and God’s world, are all — though fragile as a tiny seed — are held in the hand of love known by many names but by we Christians as that mothering love who is Creator, Christ, and Spirit.

Your progressive redneck preacher,



One thought on “Song of the South: All Will Be Well

  1. Pixie Wildflower says:

    I love this!

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