Song of the South: Self-Portrait

With her permission, I want to share the poem of Rev. Bec Cranford, a Disciples of Christ pastor, homeless advocate, and fighter for civil rights for all in the great state of Georgia.   Her words in this poem reflect so much of what I am trying to say in our series on the Lord’s Prayer, and also reflects the tension I’ve shared about on Progressive Redneck Preacher of trying to hold onto all the beauty and good in southern heritage and Christian tradition while also pushing back against all the bigotry, small-mindedness, and privilege that have attached to them.

I hope it blesses you, as it has blessed me!
Your progressive redneck preacher,


micah in hat thinking


lady wisdom 3She is one of the Two world walkers,
spiritual seekers, Holy Ghost gawkers,
Attempting to find
The place between sublime and divine
Body health  and glowing soul
Integrating shadows and wounds
Becoming whole
Working for equity, sustainability, and peace
Carrying no hidden agendas
Love only, hoping for war to cease.

So our creator-good-parent,
You’re beyond holy and holy as humans think,
Looking forward to Thy kingdom Come,
skillet cornbreadDesiring thy will be done on the sweet sweet Georgia clay
as in the celestial way.
Praying for bread if only just crumbs
Forgiving those who’ve come undone, even as we’ve undone others
we pray to be forgiven.
And lead us not near hot good looking available men, or the lust of money, or apple pie or power that acts like its sky high, or any other false god temptation.
and deliver us from evil, as we attempt to break down every system that dare elevate itself to crush others,
For yours is the beloved community, and the glory, and all the power forever and ever amen.


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