Song of the South: Janus Tides

Another poem of mine inspired by the ever-changing weather of spring.



Janus Tides

clouds 3

Like the moon in her many changing faces,

so my life ebbs, waxes, and wanes.

I feel at times as uncertain

as the Carolina weather

which we describe saying

“If you don’t like it, just wait … it’ll change”



I long to be constant as the long leaf pine,

steady as summer rain

falling thick in sheets upon some tin roof

as unmoving as the Smokey Mountains.


clouds 2

Yet I know

I am as ever changing as the fluffy forms

I watched upon my back, through momma’s Chevy car windshield

when I was just a boy–

a carousel of white forms ever shifting as they danced

through sky as blue as the Pamlico sound.


Unchanging I may not now or ever be

but I hope

my life’s shape to be as these to renew the weary.

Inconstant, yes, but not without serenity.




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