Song of the South: River I run to

I practiced the spiritual discipline of Sabbath today, pulling away from the routine and simply choosing to “be”, by dropping my schedule and hiking up and down the Eno River with my dog, Riversong.   This experience was renewing to me and reminded me of how the peace and beauty of wild things, the serenity of nature, has always calmed my soul.

I want to share out of this experience a poem I wrote some years ago about my experience of such serenity out of rivers, streams, and the spiritual reality to which they open me up.

Hope this blesses you!

your progressive redneck preacher,



RiverLifeRiver I ran to
Water flowing free between the twisting branches
To you I’d flee in my childhood
When the heat of yelling and threats, argument and fear,
Would raise and the air of home
Bubble and steam like a pressure cooker
About to blow

I’d run through the path of falling leaves
And let your voice bubbling up between the rocks
Wash away the tension
Cleanse off the filth of fear
As I watched your swirling eddies
All would stop
And I would know I was embraced

I remember many a day sitting before your banks
Coming to forget
The fear, the angst, the pain
tree-of-life-river-of-life-05-08The terror that stalked me by day
Coming to remember
My true name
Who I am
And whose I am
When life buried it
Beneath wreckage
And regret

I remember too
When I was plunged beneath
Foaming waters
Having learned
Of a river flowing deep within
Upon whose banks I could forever rest.

Still in the chaos
When pressure rises
Heat making my soul steam
When I let myself listen
I can hear the flowing waters
Call out my name
And whisper peace to me


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