Daily Devotional: (repost) Nearer than the Air We Breathe, Higher than the Farthest Star


Psalm 93 pictures God enthroned on high, above the raging storms and rising floods.   God’s immovability is a reminder here that, just as God is secure in God’s throne and God’s reign over all, so the world cannot be shaken. Our lives, despite all appearances to the contrary, can stand secure for they are in our Maker’s hands.boat in storm

On the one hand this is a great encouragement and a challenge. Often I feel that it is all up to me. I fear that I am not enough to the tasks ahead of me. I fear disaster sits lurking for me around that next bend in the road as some un-seen armed attacked laying in the shadows. I am reminded there is nothing I face before me that God cannot handle and, if I am participating with God in that struggle, I know God’s power is with and in me. I am told there is nothing around the corner that God cannot already see and include in God’s plan.   And I am invited to trust God, handing over to God all of these worries in prayer.

Yet also a part of me thinks – what truly gives me comfort? Is it this image of an unmoving God high above the world’s troubles? Or is it the image of God in the Gospels as the One who is moved by my troubles, so moved to lay aside the splendor and servant_wash_feetsecurity of heaven and enter into my life, human life, as a weak, limited, vulnerable human even being born as a baby? I think for me that image is most comforting of all.

Thankfully I do not have to pick. Both images for God are true, painting a picture for me of an aspect of God’s reality. God is for all of us both the one who sits enthroned above the storms, whose plans build the solid foundation that cannot be shaken, and the God who is ever moved with such compassion for us to sweep down from the security of the throne to reach out to us in loving embrace.

I thank you God that both in your exaltedness as Divine Ruler of all and your servant hearted spirit as the one who pushes aside the security of heaven it is your love of me that is never shaken and in your arms I can rest secure.