Daily Reflection/ Songs of the South — Lantern of Veriditas

isis_hiding_osiris_by_isisneferet-d341u3vI can imagine what Isis must have felt like

Discovering her beloved Osiris’s emerald form

Chopped into a thousand pieces

Scattered through the worlds

As I look at these boxes full to overflowing

With you


How her heart must have sunk

To have seen his enemies destroy him

Pulling him from this world

Into the next

What tears fell from her eyes

And where did she find the strength

isis and osirisTo search, to gather his body

Scattered like seed

Through earth’s broken soil


I feel her pain as I gather

Bits of you that remain

Some simple – a shirt, a chain

Others profound – your words still burning with passion

The ring I bought you

A dress electric with your touch

Still covered in that perfume you had that made me swoon


How can you still intoxicate me

Now no longer with your presence

But with this fragrant absence

That pervades every space

Isis gathered her beloved

In hopes he would revive

Pour new life into her body

Restore their love, their life,

Their family


osiris and isisLike her I feel at times

My task is uncompletable

Where can I go to find the last speck of you?

When I think that I have cleared you from the room

I find yet another crack or crevice

Your presence remains

If only a tiny spark


And even if I clear every space in my surrounding

Of these painful relics

Your saintly form

Has found sanctuary in every corner of my heart

I cannot be rid of you

Though you too were wrenched from me

Like Osiris

Without warning


I am not Isis though

I know that I cannot put you together again

For a final moment under the sun

osiris_and_isis_by_sanio-d4haqkzWe will have no Horus born to us

No moment again in each other’s arms

Holding the child of our love

As Isis did with Osiris

Before that final ibis song

Called him beyond the Nile again


I gather these pieces

Some to pass like sacred elements

In some cosmic communion

Like your body passed to the penitent

Gathered to remember you

At some altar to one afire

Like Osirus with Spirit’s greening life

To those who, like me, knew you

and, knowing you, found love

found life


Sometimes I wonder perhaps

When your brain went wild

Your world turned in on itself

And those months you could not speak or walk

If maybe that was my losing you

As Isis lost Osiris


hezekiah prayerWere these two years my magic moment

Where God, like with Isaiah, turned back the sun on its dial

Granting us a season unplanned

A grace unearned

Years beyond your scheduled farewell?

Is that why these autumn days we shared

Before the setting of your sun

Had such joy?


I cannot know.

I only know I cannot bare to gather the pieces

I cannot bare to put you away

To bury what we have

As I buried you

On that green hill behind

Your favorite altar


dancing near godI saw you dance, though, didn’t I?

When a young man, glowing with that green fire

Stood, radiant with the glory,

Showing me a place I did not know where you are

Shining out in the faces of those once cast off

Now at home in God, Now roaring like lions

Protecting the pride you called home

Calling the fledgling scattered ones in


As he spoke with your vigor

I saw your double spirit multiply

Upon not just that man

But all among your rainbowed tribe

You taught me to love

Who hear the voice of Spirit say

“I made you, fearful and wonderful, just as you are.

Shine, shine, shine, and let my rays fall where they may”.


I saw you there, alive, beyond your scattered pieces

Not to judge like Osiris on his distant darkened throne

But to dance

To dance the dance of life

The greening dance I see in the call of birds in springtime

In the budding flowers

The newborn’s cry

The dance the Hindus picture the many armed god moving in

24 The Trinity

This icon of the Trinity draws on the feminine images used in Scripture for the Holy Spirit, as a reminder that women as well as men can bear the image of God.

The dance my Buddhists friends find upon their prayer wheels

Which the Sufis join in their spinning

That I know in the flow of Creator, Christ, and Spirit


Oh I see you dance

And I know

You live.



One thought on “Daily Reflection/ Songs of the South — Lantern of Veriditas

  1. Glenys says:

    Micah, this is so poignantly beautiful. Thank you.

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