Daily Devotional: Gratitude, Healing

Psalm 103

This has always been one of the most moving psalms to me.  It calls us to bless the name of God, while recognizing where God is at work.

I’ve heard before the question “have you find Jesus?” in which we ask “where is God?” as if, like Waldo in the Where’s Waldo? book series God is hard to find.

Sometimes in fact we do have a hard time seeing God, though, don’t we?  In times of crisis and pain, we can wonder why God does not stop our suffering.   I know for me when I began to study the Bible and religion critically at college, realizing how human and frail our religious tradition was, I began to wonder “is God even there?”

The Psalmist clearly locates God for us: in our experiences of healing, delivery from oppression, and human full flourishing.  As St Ireneaus said, the glory of God is a human being fully alive.  Wherever that full flourishing breaks forth, God is present.

Yet the invitation to not just see the glory of God in my and other’s experience of healing, liberation, freedom, full flourishing but also bless God suggests to me that I am not fully there after an experience of healing, liberation, and freedom if I do not take time to express gratitude.  To have that awareness, to express gratitude to God and those involved, is to move to freedom.


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