Daily Devotional: It’s Never Too Late

U-Turns are often the best way to move life forward.2 Chronicles 29:1-3; 30:1, 10-27

It is never too late to make an effort to make right.  In this text, Israel has been through monarchies and generations ignoring the call to celebrate the Liberator God who freed them from slavery so long ago in the Passover.  They have for generations overlooked the message of God in Holy Scripture.  And now, when they decide as a nation to make time and space for God and God’s Word in their life, they don’t do so on the actual date of the Passover.  They do it a month late, with not everyone ready, and scrambling for supplies.

I think as I read this story of “If only’s” in my life I have had that I thought “it is too late”.   It seemed too late in my career as a pastor to go back to seminary.  It seemed to late to try my hand at something new with my career.  For a friend close to me, it seemed to late in life to admit to themselves and others their sexuality and come out.  For another, it seemed to late to try to have children.  In each of these occasions, the person involved found when they put their hand to the task ahead of them, it was not.  God had planted that desire in their heart and was standing at the ready to help them birth this new possibility into fruition.  For my “if only’s” I found God showing me how it not only was not too late, but this seemingly late timing actually readied my heart through tough experience for deeper aspects of this journey I would not have been ready for otherwise.

It is never too late to commit to whatever God has laid on your heart to do, to seek to make some peace and amends for whomever you are estranged from.  Hear God’s call, take God’s hand, and join in the work God has given you.

And I ain’t whistling Dixie here,

Your progressive redneck preacher,



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