Daily Devotional: (repost) Replanted by God’s hand

Jeremiah 31:27-34 describes God as replanting the seeds of humanity and all creatures that have been plucked up by the justice that naturally comes from our choice to reject God by sowing seeds of injustice and lack of compassion for each other.   This shows that God’s goal is never our abandonment or destruction, but rather restoring relationship with us and others, healing our communities, and healing the earth. Right now, in whatever ways you may be facing the hard realities that have flowed from your or others’ bad choices, hear the promise: This is not the end.   If you will allow God to work God’s healing, transforming work, things can be set right. This is not just true for you as an individual, it is true for our families, communities, nations, and world.

This is spoken of in Jeremiah as a renewal of covenant, covenant being the relationship God and humanity have made through promising love and faithfulness to each other.   The language that is later taken up by Jesus to describe “the new covenant” Jesus makes with all people by expanding this covenant beyond Israel to all nations, tribes, and peoples, is introduced here by Jeremiah.

Jeremiah suggests what will make this renewal of relationship possible is a change of heart, where the principles of God that have once been written into laws on paper will be written by Spirit into our hearts. This is not something that happens by magic. It happens through us choosing to open our hearts and minds to God, to others, to all life on God’s world.   It comes through saying “God teach me, God change me, God show me”. It comes through being willing to change your attitudes and ways of thinking. This is not easy. We get stuck in the ruts that promote the very daily acts of injustice, insensitivity, and selfishness that when sown reap the whirlwind Jeremiah has been warning of. But with God all things are possible.

Let’s examine our hearts, and open ourselves up to the transforming work of God the Holy Spirit within, so that we can be restored in every area of our lives where we have become hardened to God, to compassion, and to justice.


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