Daily Devotional: Seeing & Being Seen Through Outward Appearance to the Heart

jesus resurrection appearance 8John 1:43-51

I am struck by how this story moves forward as people see through preconceived notions, the boxes they’d otherwise push people into, through to the heart if who they are. 

Nathanael at first sees Jesus through his lens of stereotypes of what people like Jesus — men from Nazareth — are like.  He is invited to “come and see”, to put aside his prejudices and see Jesus for whom he really is. 

Ultimately he experiences God through Jesus in part because of embracing this attitude and also because Jesus lets  Nathanael know how he, Christ, sees through his role, his labels, his defenses, to whom Nathanael really is. 

ability to see yourselfThis story invites me and I believe all of us to push aside our prejudices, seeing through the boxes the world pushes folk into, into real encounters with others. It is through opening ourself to others as they are and as we are that we open ourselves to an experience of the living Christ. 

Let’s do so today.

your progressive redneck preacher,



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