Daily Devotional: A Moses isn’t Built in a Day — or a Decade — So Embrace the Moment You are In

Acts 7:17-29

Moses-parting-red-seaAs I read this section of St. Stephen’s speech before the crowd who has gathered to lynch him for his faith, I am struck by his description of Moses. So often we read about figures from Scripture as if they miraculously had confidence, knew what to do and when, and quickly accomplished their work. Yet here we see Moses making the wrong choice – murder. We see him wandering, uncertain of his goals. We hear of how he struggled to find his way, until the time God said “go”.

And I think beyond the text of how that journey, once he understood his calling, was not simple or easy but instead facing constant resistance and enduring a winding journey of many, many years.

Sometimes I feel I ought to have arrived already, that I ought to know my life’s purpose and be about my life’s work. I feel like I ought to know the path, and have more confidence in my steps.   Moses’ example shows me that God is at work in me even when I feel I am getting nowhere. God’s time table is not my own and who knows what lessons God is teaching me – or others – through what I am going though now?   Though it might be hard, I need to accept the moment I am in as a gift without feeling the need to figure it all out now, or hurry to some destination.

Let us learn this grace in the moment whenever and wherever we are

Your progressive redneck preacher,



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