Daily Devotional: Walking up the Upward Way

Hilly RoadPsalm 15 asks who can ascend the hill of the Lord, an image for going into God’s presence.

Whom it describes is a person of justice, treating all with fairness, compassion, and dignity. It’s a tall order.   As a Christian, I look and know I don’t perfectly fit that bill. I don’t know a one that does – save the One who I call Savior.   I remember that why I can come boldly before the throne of God is that this Savior goes before me, paving a way in his life, example, death, and resurrection. Through Christ when I approach the throne of God, whatever is missing in my life, I can know God looks at me not pointing first & foremost to those failings but first and foremost to my identity in Christ – this one, this is my child, whom I love, & in whom I am well-pleased.   Through Christ, the same is true for you. We can come boldly before God, open about our needs and struggles.

But the psalm still confronts us, for if Christ paved the way to ascend the hill through his perfect life of justice, we are called to daily weigh our lives by that example.   To consider how we might walk in his steps.   How can we treat others with justice? With fairness? With compassion?

It’s not an easy question, or calling, but it is the way to become people who radiate God’s presence & in whom God’s healing is made known.

God, thank you that through Christ in all our imperfections and failings we can come confidently to you. Thank you too for his example of a life afire with justice and compassion. Help us to see our lives and world through such eyes of justice, mercy, and love, so we might know how best to continue in his path. Help us to become your healing presence in this world. Amen.


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