Daily Devotional: Not Alone On Life’s Journeys

walking-with-jesus-pms-j7p1Psalm 118

In beautiful poetic language the Psalmist reminds us that in life’s journeys, we are not alone. God stands at our right side. The image of God at our right side stands out to me in Scripture because so often God is pictured as going on ahead to prepare a path for our journey, as in the story of the Exodus when God went ahead as a fire by night and pillar of cloud by day to show Israel the steps ahead of them or when Jesus says in John before his crucifixion that he goes ahead of his disciples to prepare a place for them. Instead of going ahead of us, God joins us at our right hand, like a friend or a brother or sister walking beside us. It is beside one you must stand when their legs are faltering, so standing hip to hip with your arm around them, you can help them stand and walk by walking together with them.

This reminds me that when I look ahead and do not see a clear path ahead of me, which sometimes I do not, I do not need to fear. Perhaps God now, as always, also stands beside me. I may feel my legs faltering but need not give in to my trembling and fear. Instead I can know that God is alongside of me, walking in step with me, and helping me as we together determine my future.

May that knowledge buoy you through life’s storms and uncertainties. You are never alone. God walks beside you, God’s arm around you, ready to carry you and lift you up.


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