Daily Devotional: God’s Delight and Our Own

Cuellar-Daru Mother and ChildPsalm 149

Two messages stand out to me in this text.

First, God takes pleasure in God’s people. Do you realize God takes pleasure in you? Sometimes I have trouble taking pleasure in myself, being too busy finding fault with my actions or feeling my life is not what I wished it would be at this stage. Yet, like a mother finds pleasure in the tiniest aspects of her newborn, God delights in you and me.   Learning to accept this, and to see yourself as a source of delight and joy is a part of worshipping God. God made us to, like God, not just be a power-house of constant work, but to stop in our going, making, being, serving, and just be.   By delighting in the little pleasures of life, taking pride in our accomplishments, enjoying family and friends we in fact are worshipping God when we recognize through those acts that God takes pleasure in us. Our delight adds to the delight of our God.

Secondly, I note that God is said to bring victory to the poor. This reminds me to not look down on those who are poor. I remember Pastor Hugh Hollowell of Love Wins, Raleigh, NC, saying in a speech we all love the idea Stop-Hobophobia-Front-Black-Copy-21of the poor, but how many of us have taken time to know and love poor people as persons?   This text calls me not only not to despise those who are poor, but to value them. Because God values them. They are the apple of God’s eye, and God’s call is for us to connect, support, and join in helping defend their cause. In truth, all of us are only a disaster away from poverty ourselves.

Our society sends a different message. It glamorizes the wealthy. It glamorizes not everyday joy but airbrushed beauty and synthetic pleasures.   Let us learn instead to value each moment as a gift, and each person as a blessing.


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