Daily Devotional: Waiting, Restlessness, and Hope

waiting on god 2Psalm 62 is a song of waiting. It evokes the feelings of restlessness and serenity which together so often are the conflicting experiences of waiting upon God. The Psalmist paints a picture of utter safety from the threats she or he perceives about them, a safety grounded in the knowledge that God is present, a rock beneath which we can find shelter from the storm-cloud’s rains and the blazing desert heat

In truth, I often lack such calm in my times of waiting.   Such calm is possible when we utterly trust God to be faithful and able, if we do our part. I can do all that is possible for me, yet at the end of the day find myself restless, uncertain, fearful and ashamed to not yet have arrived. Will it all fall through my fingers, my efforts like sand slipping away from my grasp?

In truth, a part of why I struggle is my difficulty in trusting that God truly is the rock, the sheltering presence that keeps me safe. A part of me wants to continue to control the outcome, to determine my future, rather than trusting that God is a faithful partner in my journey.   Having done all I can do, I can trust that God is faithful.

Where do you find such trust easy? Where do you find it difficult?

waiting on godLet us all learn to lean in, resting more and more each day in the trust that we can put our efforts and our longings into the arms of a God able and loving enough to bring out the outcome we need, both in times it is the outcome we want and when it is something we would never have expected.

Oh God, thank you that your trustworthiness is not dependent on my trust. Thank you that you are the shelter and rock I can lean on and stand beneath even when all I see is fear, shame, and doubt. Amen.


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