Songs of the South: Life Angel

This is a poem I wrote about my work as a chaplain, during my chaplain residency at UNC hospital.  I work as a hospice chaplain now, and was thinking while working today — “this really is my life” about the poem. And I thought “and I love it”.

Hope it makes you smile.

And I ain’t just whistling Dixie!


Life Angel


At night I hear your soft feet dancing

hummingbird wings aflutter beneath

the echoes of footfalls on tile floor,

sharp voices crying out “breathe”,

the snip of scissors cutting cord,

and husky words echoing “its a boy”

I feel your wings overshadowing us

as I sit beside the bed-side

of a brown haired man,

tubed, wired, and worn beyond his years.

Your wings fall firm as a hand

joining mine on shoulders wet with tears

chaplain 1

I see you dance O Sister Spirit

a-glitter with florescent hallway lights

twirling like flowers caught in spring wind

swirling in the many-hued patterns shining bright

upon monitors buzzing over patient bed sides

the dances which end where life begins

“Sister Death,” sweet Francis called you,

but I know your true name: Life Angel.

st francis sister death


One thought on “Songs of the South: Life Angel

  1. Rita Jo says:

    I am really moved by this poem. Very touching. Journey on. You Earth Angel.

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