Daily Devotional: Don’t Forget to Remember

stranger and pilgrimDeuteronomy 8:1-10

At the heart of this text is a call to remembrance: We are to remember how God has brought us, carrying through the long journeys we have faced in our lives. We are to take time to remember the lessons God has taught us, which sometimes came through gracious provision, but also can come in the midst of long and painful trials.

I know, for me, it is easy if I let myself to forget in the midst of the trials of life, the crises that come in front of me, or even daily busyness.   I find taking time in my meditation and prayer to thank God for specific experiences including answered prayers and moments where I was given a sense of clarity about my direction in life are helpful.   I find making space to in order to reflect on various parts of my journey with God as a spiritual practice strengthens my sense that God walks with me, and my understanding of the lessons God has taught me through various points in my life. As this happens, these seemingly one-time lessons in life become constant teachers, as the Spirit helps me apply those old lessons in new ways as I face new situations.

What are ways you make space for remembering your journey so far with God?


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