Daily Devotional: Letting Go in the Arms of Jesus

jesus feeding multitudesLuke 9:1-17 includes three stories modeling radical trust and dependence on God.

First the disciples are called to go out on mission groups proclaiming the Good News town to town, doing good works as they go. But they aren’t to pack provisions or money, or even reserve a room at the inn. They are to go trusting God will go ahead of them, both showing them the way and guiding others’ hearts to help provide these needs.

At the same time King Herod hears and is fearful of their missions’ & Jesus’ mission. This foreboding suggests Jesus’ actual fate but also the real risk that all on this mission were on. Not only must they rely on God for lodging and good, but for life itself, for they are viewed as a threat by Herod who at any time may choose to call for their death.

Finally in the multiplication of the bread and fish we see a reminder that if we are faithful in doing what Christ calls us to do, God can provide all our needs.

It can be hard for me at least to follow this message. I struggle to fully trust my future into another’s hands, even if those hands are God’s.  I feel I have to determine the outcome on my own. If I can’t see what’s coming, I expect disaster. Looking ahead when finding a job when it is uncertain can be like this for some.  Facing illness for yourself or for those you love can be for many.  Instead of our uncertainty breeding hope, trust, and feeling carried we can feel trapped, restless. I know I often am in such situations.

What I am reminded of and feel God reminds us in this reading is that we are held by One whose love and will is for us not against us. We can know as we choose to work together with God in our daily lives that God will grant what we need for our journey. We can rest in the loving arms of the Savior, knowing He is faithful and sure.

May that reminder grant you strength, comfort, & courage.


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