Daily Devotional: Resting in the Knowledge it Ain’t All up to Y’all

rest in god 3Psalm 70

Faced with those who plot against her or him, who seek to bring their downfall, the Psalmist chooses to cry out to God. She or he chooses to lift their voice to God, trusting in God to rescue. This psalm reminds me God is the one who fights the Bible and brings the victory. I find myself sometimes thinking in the midst of uncertainty just push harder, sometimes when I’ve done all I know to do or all I have the strength. My fearful uncertainty, my sense of helplessness, are often signs that I am believing it is all up to me. It is not. Loving arms are reaching out stronger than my own, loving hands more powerful than my grip. I need not continue my striving, but when I have done all I can, truly can rest in the trust that I am being carried. God is faithful. God will fight the battle, God will win the victory.

held in strong handsThe same is true for you. The world may send the message it is all up to you. This might lead you to ever strive harder, past exhaustion. You may be beating yourself up when you have done all that is in front of you that you have not reached your goal. Or worse yet, knowing you have done all you can, you may throw up your hands and quit. Both extremes miss the opportunity to live as ones knowing that it is not all up to you. When you have done all you can, however big or small, you can lay the results in God’s hands knowing God is faithful and will not let you go.

A final thought that strikes me is that the psalmist penned the words of this prayer, to be spoken in the community of God’s people, in their day the temple and in ours the church, synagogue, mosque, or other spiritual center.   That shows that not only need we not feel alone because God is with us, but we are also invited to recognize ourselves as a part of a wider community. Many move toward independent spirituality, just me and my practice without a community.   But the value of being rooted in a community is that God also intends for us to hear the message we need not go it alone. God intends those others in our spiritual community to become the hands, helping hands 1the voice, the shoulder, the compassionat heart of God to us and us to them.   Finding out how to reach out not just to the Sacred on our own in our spiritual practice but also to open up to reach out to others both for help and as a helper is central to the spiritual life.   This requires rooting ourselves in communities of spirit, whether they be conventional traditional communities like brick and mortar churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, or meditation centers; or less traditional ones like twelve step meetings, beer & hymns or theology on tap gatherings at a local pub, house churches, small group Bible studies or spirituality groups, meditation groups, or interfaith gatherings.   To fully be all God invites us to be and to fully experience all of God that is available to us, we need each other.

Today I feel myself invited to recognize I am not called by God to go it alone, but can lean on God as I discover God in my personal spiritual life and especially in others. I feel God is reminding you of the same thing today.


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