Daily Devotional: Finding Our Place in the Dance of Life

nc birds 1Psalm 148 invites every force of nature, and every creature of each size and sphere to worship God.   This reminds me that each living thing I encounter from the smallest insect, to the fluttering bird, to the great white shark, is a sign of God’s presence since it is created by God and its life flows from the presence of the Spirit of Life who indwells all things.   I also remember each person I encounter is also a bearer of God’s image, and I feel invited to transform my relationships and interactions into encounters with the Divine, by asking what of God can I learn from each person.

I always find the invitation in the Psalms for forces of nature to praise God a bit ironic. Nature, left on its own, naturally acts as a praise to God just as a great piece of music is a testament to its composer.   But this invitation reminds me what praise is. It is not, as some think, us stroking the ego of God. No, instead, all of creation is always ever in the midst of a great dance, moving in motion around the source and inspirer of Life.   Humans alone of the creatures we have encountered so far are able to opt in or out of this dance, to choice to be wall-flowers avoiding the dance of life.

dancing near godOur choice to worship is to get back in touch with the Source of Life that allows us to not remain wall-flowers, out of step with the pattern of life. Worship is practicing those steps that allow us to begin to move again in sync with the music of creation, the life-giving rhythm that makes our days not just a passing of time but a great adventure.

Let’s not forget to find our place in this great dance whose Center is the movement of the Lord of the Dance we know as the Triune God of grace


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