Daily Devotional: Our Future is Secure

jesus hugs1 John 3:1-10 has always been one of the texts most dear to my heart. Our future might be at times uncertain, but we can know ultimately we will be alright.   When we see Christ, we will be like Christ, raised into glory in that great home-coming. We can know this because God has chosen to call us God’s dear sons and daughters. Jesus has chosen to call us his brothers and sisters. The Holy Spirit has chosen to embrace us in mother-love just as the Spirit did when descending on Jesus like a mother hen whose wings gather her brood of chicks under her protection.

Our lives are secure. Our hope is certain.

John suggests that this should inspire us.   There is a path carved out for us, the foot-steps of Jesus.   Though we all fall into “lawlessness” and sin, living lives that do not express the love for others, trust in God, and care for this earth which Jesus modeled, we need to know ultimately that path is not the path of a child of God. The path we children of God are called to trod is the same path Jesus modeled as our older brother: one of sacrificial love of others, whole hearted trust in God, and a commitment to help heal this earth.

That path may feel uncertain, its way winding. It certainly was not an easy path for Jesus. But one thing is certain: the destination is glorious.   Our great home-going, welcomed as Jesus was into undying life at the Father’s side.   And the great home-coming of all creation, when we see the reconciliation of all things St. Paul speaks of in Colossians and Ephesians finally made complete.

May that vision inspire you to walk in Jesus’ steps and know you are never alone.


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