Southernisms: Listen To Your Momma

Here is a belated Mothers’ Day repost of a Mothers’ Day piece from last year.


listen to your momma

Each week we have a hashtag game at Progressive Redneck Preacher called “Southernisms”. A southernism is a phrase, activity, or ritual common to our southern culture – sometimes amazingly beautiful, sometimes pretty helpful, sometimes uproariously funny. This past week we had the hashtag #listentoyourmomma . “Listen to your momma” is a phrase which every southerner learns as a child to pay attention. You will be up a creek without a paddle once its spoken, unless you perk your ears up and listen. In my house, it was usually said by my daddy when we’d ignored what momma said to do. There was very little worse we could do than to not listen to our momma to daddy. The worst punishments came when we didn’t listen to momma.
what happens if you dont listen to momma I’ve caught myself saying “Listen to your momma” in situations less serious than that, such as when I was with someone whose kid…

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