Daily Devotional: More Than Words

coffee-prayer-scriptureJohn 10:19-42 has Jesus give us a powerful challenge. When challenged to speak clearly who He was, our Lord answers, Look at my life. Look at my actions. Look at what I do.   They will show you who I am.

Sometimes we get caught up in words, trying to say “Look at what we believe. Look at what we teach”, or trying to convince others through our preaching, teaching. We might even try to wear what we believe on T-Shirts, or necklaces.   Our church might post who we are on banners or advertisements, as the church I attend in the Triangle does.

None of these are necessarily bad in and of themselves, but Jesus suggest that the real question is not who do you say you are, what do your clothes, or necklaces, or advertisements say about you. The real question is: What does your life speak about you? What does it teach?

Ultimately that is what you and I will be remembered for.   Jesus’ life clearly demonstrated him to be one representing God, and calling us to a new way of living in the world.   Does ours do the same?


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