Daily Devotional: Learning To Truly See

jesus healing blind

John 9:1-17 shows not just the power of Jesus’ healing but also the power of our prejudices against others for their difference. People had an image of what a man born blind could be or become.   When Jesus transformed this man into something beyond that imagination, those around him ceased to be able to recognize him. Their prejudice blinded them. A man born blind certainly could never be like this…

We do this all the time, don’t we? We say a person born with a disability can never be a preacher, a professional, a parent, … you name it.   We fail to trust what Jesus can do with and in them.

We say a person born poor, or born gay, or born different can never do or be what others can be. We fail to trust that God can do something more or beautiful in them.

love is not blindWe might even turn that prejudice inward and say “A person born like me can never…” Yet learn the message of the man born blind. This difference was not to hold you back, but so God’ s glory can be made known in your difference!   Trust God as able to work something wonderful in yourself.

Let us learn to lay aside our prejudices – both against others, and our internalized prejudices which we aim at ourselves and people like us.   Let us know our God is able, and through that God you and I can do immeasurably more than we would think to ask for or imagine.


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